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About Us

Joe Miles

Business Strategy Director

David Anderson

Lead Developer

Stuart Nightingale

Senior Developer

David Nutbourne

Developer and Technical Support

Naomi Miles

Senior Writer

Ashley Porter

Ashley Porter


Sergey Tatyanenko

Sergey Tatyanenko


Jude Rosario

Jude Rosario


Milton Martinez

Milton Martinez


Bryle Crodua

Bryle Crodua

Technical Support

And a host of others (web design, accounts, cups of tea, etc., etc…)

Our Values


Our aim is for UpdraftPlus to “just work” – elegantly and effectivly. To do this, it needs a solid foundation. Advances in features must not be through “quick hacks”, but through a base that can support users and all the different things they want to do for years ahead.


We never hear from the vast majority of our users; UpdraftPlus “just works” for them. But, where users do have issues and questions, we’re committed to timely support provided by our knowledgeable software engineers rather than by drones who are just following a script.


UpdraftPlus has pioneered unique features in WordPress backups, such as automatic backups before WordPress updates and support for more cloud storage providers than any rival. We want to keep asking “how can we take this further for everyone?”

The UpdraftPlus Story

In the beginning (January 2010), Paul Kehrer released the first version of his plugin, “Updraft”. In mid-2011, David Anderson came across Updraft as he was looking for a free WordPress plugin to help back up a WordPress site. Impressed with its ease of use and ability to restore files, he began using it.

Along the way, he thought it could do with a few tweaks, updates and extra features. He created some code for it, which he wanted to share with its other users. By now, Paul had moved on. Here’s the question that began it all:

Paul responded positively: A patch like this sounds pretty fantastic and I’d love for someone with more time/energy to take over Updraft if you’re still interested.” And so it began… UpdraftPlus 0.1 (August 2011) cleaned up a few things, brought the code up-to-date with WordPress 3.2 (!), and added a new feature. Assorted improvements were made throughout the following 14 months. During most of this, David felt bad for tinkering on this interesting project for no particular reason…


As 2012 came to an end, David’s life circumstances changed, and he had a lot more time on his hands. He started working on UpdraftPlus more intensely, largely driven by curiosity and hobbyist’s obsession. As he did so, UpdraftPlus acquired more users with more ideas for improvements. This led to David spending more time on it, which in turn increased users and new ideas in a positive upwards spiral.

When users started to say things like “I’d pay for a version with this-or-that in it”, David developed paid Add-Ons, and UpdraftPlus became a commercial enterprise. Updraftplus.com was registered on the 22nd of January 2013. Its first website was launched in the February, initially geared towards documentation and user support with a couple of simple add-ons sold via WooCommerce.

Our first logo, from the days before the professionals came on board… produced after a quick bit of tinkering in an effects wizard! Our original logo
From there, UpdraftPlus continued to take off and became a full-time project for David. He added new features, including capabilities that even long-established paid plugins didn’t have. Tens of thousands of downloads turned into hundreds of thousands. Joe Miles, Director of Business Strategy came on board, along with offices, desks, full-time employees and accountants!

Hundreds of thousands of downloads turned into millions, and UpdraftPlus started to overtake established players. Today, it’s WordPress’s most popular backup plugin, with the most active installations and cloud storage providers, as well as the highest star rating (4.9 out of 5). What’s more, earlier this year UpdraftPlus achieved the remarkable milestone of reaching a million active installs, elevating it to the ranks of the top 22 WordPress plugins in the world. We’re proud of UpdraftPlus’ track-record and reputation, as well as its record for prompt, efficient support, provided by its own dedicated software engineers.

UpdraftPlus has launched a plethora of market-leading features, including UpdraftPlus Vault, its own easy-to-use cloud storage backed behind the scenes by the power and reliability of Amazon’s market-leading computing services. In 2016, it released UpdraftCentral, a powerful remote control for WordPress that allows users to backup, restore and migrate multiple websites from a single dashboard. The team has been gradually enhancing UpdraftCentral’s capacities, adding features such as team management and comments management as well as developing premium and cloud versions. And we haven’t finished with it yet!

At the end of last year, UpdraftPlus acquired the popular and highly-rated database clean-up plugin, WP-Optimize, which helps websites to run at optimal efficiency without the need for manual requests. We plan to develop WP-Optimize to make it ‘leaner and faster’, and to eventually make it a part of the UpdraftCentral backend ecosystem.

The UpdraftPlus team is thrilled to have WP Optimize on board- and it doesn’t rule out further acquisitions in the future. Anderson says, “we have a great and growing team, a lot of experience in the internals of WordPress and also a lot of users who trust and depend on us. There’s plenty of opportunity for us to expand.”

We’re not sitting still. Stay tuned!

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