Google Drive creates multiple folders with the same name?

You’ve connected Google Drive to UpdraftPlus as a remote storage option but sometimes it creates a second folder instead of uploading to the existing one?

This issue is a known thing that can happen and theres not much that can be done about it.

Google Drive doesn’t enforce unuque folder names, which means you can have lots of paths with identical names.

UpdraftPlus when it goes to backup will try to look up the folder name in your Google Drive, if this fails it will try again, if it fails again then it requests to create a new one and then it carries on with the backup this is better than no backup e.g the other case being we failed to look up the folder lets not do a backup.

The folder lookup could be caused by a temporary network issue or something similar.

This has happened to my backups so now what can I do?

The only thing to do is manually move the backups all into one of the folders and then delete the other folders.

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