Is UpdraftPlus reliable?

UpdraftPlus has had over 875,000 downloads, and been tested by users on a very wide variety of WordPress installations. It ranks in the top 0.5% of most-installed plugins at No software is perfect, but if you’re looking for reliability, then UpdraftPlus is in the top rank. The original “Updraft” plugin began backing up WordPress installations in February 2010. There’s a lot of experience and testing behind today’s UpdraftPlus.

Remember, though, that every WordPress install is different. You should always test your backup system after deploying it. UpdraftPlus, like all WordPress software, comes with no warranty. UpdraftPlus will do everything it can to help, and we have never yet come across someone whose backups were insufficient to recreate their site – but don’t let this make you skip taking sensible precautions!

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