My remote storage method is FTP, but I cannot see my backups on my FTP server

Here’s a check-list to help you…

1. Has your backup finished?

If you visit your UpdraftPlus settings page (refresh it if it’s already open, just to be sure), then does it show the backup as having finished?

2. Did you save your settings before starting the backup?

Sometimes users either forget to save their settings before they start the backup… or they change the settings after the backup job began and hope that the backup job will pick up the new settings. That doesn’t work: backup jobs use the settings that were active at the time that the backup began; so, you need to set the FTP settings and save them before you start the backup.

3. Does your FTP software cache directory listings?

Some FTP clients will show you the same directory listing as it last saw – they will only update the listing for files uploaded through the FTP client itself. Close your FTP client and open it again, and press the button for refreshing the directory listing view.

4. Have you ever tested your FTP settings?

If you press the “Test FTP Settings” on the UpdraftPlus settings page, then does it work? If not, then you will need to respond to any error message it gives you when you try it.

If the attempt to connect fails, but the same settings work in an FTP program on your PC, then most probably your web hosting company has a firewall that blocks outgoing FTP connections from your website – you should ask them to open up the port to allow connections for your backup.

5. Does your backup report give any clues?

If you configured UpdraftPlus to email you a backup report, then does it have any useful information in it? Is it showing any warnings or errors? (If not, then you can also read the backup log file if you’re confident enough to read log files… do a search in it for “FTP” to find the right part of the log).If you did not configure UpdraftPlus to email you a report, then try that.

If all that fails, and you’re a paying customer, then please feel free to file a support request… please remember to attach your backup log file (the “Download latest log file” link at the top of the UpdraftPlus settings page should access it; if not, then find it in the section that opens when you press the big “Restore” button).

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