How do I unlink UpdraftPlus from my Dropbox?

If you still have access to the WordPress site you want to unlink, then simply 1) log in and go to the UpdraftPlus settings page and 2) go to the ‘Expert / Debugging’ tab, and press the “Wipe Settings” button at the bottom of the page.

But what if a WordPress site is backing up to your Dropbox, but you no longer have access to that WordPress site, then how can you stop that WordPress site from backing up to your Dropbox?

In Dropbox terminology, this is called “unlinking”.

There’s a good article on WikiHow with screenshots showing the simple steps to do this, here. You want to use “Method 1 of 2: Unlinking Directly from Dropbox”.

The bad news is that after unlinking in that way, you’ll need to go to all your current WordPress sites, and use the link in the Dropbox configuration for UpdraftPlus to re-authorize them again. Dropbox only allows you to unlink everything (so that you then have to re-link the ones you wanted to keep) – they don’t have a facility to unlink only some sites. Unfortunately, UpdraftPlus cannot work around this limitation of Dropbox’s consumer/single-entity-focused design. If you are looking for a remote storage solution that is built more with business rather than individual consumer needs in mind, then we recommend our own UpdraftVault solution, which allows account holders to individually de-authorise connected sites. Another option for more technically-confident users is Amazon S3, with a separate IAM user for each site.

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