What data do we send to Mailchimp?

We export data for all users who have an getwpo.com account (via a purchase or direct sign-up – you do not have one merely by using the free WP-Optimize plugin) into a Mailchimp account managed by our partner. (You can see details of the strict data processing agreement with our partner here).

Any campaign or multiple-recipient email that we send with Mailchimp goes to a list which is a defined subset of this data. The fields we import into our Mailchimp account are the full name (to allow personal addressing of emails), email address (so that the email can reach the recipient) and purchase history (so that we can create mail-outs that target the desired set of people, e.g. notifying of an important enhancement for a product you have bought, without mailing people who have not bought it).

Under the GDPR right to be forgotten, any user who requests to be forgotten will have their data deleted from our website, which in turn will be deleted automatically from Mailchimp.

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