What does the error “Operation timed out after (number) milliseconds with 0 bytes received” mean?

Do you have an error that looks something like this in your log file? (This example is for a backup to Google Drive – but the pattern can occur with various other remote storage methods too).

5226.206 (9) ERROR: Google Drive upload error: Operation timed out after 60004 milliseconds with 0 bytes received (line: 117, file: /home/leehawki/public_html/wp-content/plugins/updraftplus/includes/Google/IO/Curl.php)

This means that there was no network connectivity to the remote storage provider. (In the example above, it is saying that after 60004 milliseconds (i.e. 60 seconds), 0 bytes (i.e. absolutely zero) of data had been transported).

In this case, if the error persists (i.e. it happens again on a fresh try), you will want to talk to your web hosting provider, and show them the log, so that they can investigate. It is theoretically possible that the remote storage provider is temporarily having an outage – but, if it persists, then it’s far more likely that the network problem is at your webserver’s end, rather than at (for example) Google’s.

Note that UpdraftPlus is engineered to re-try if there is a network problem. Network problems happen often enough. You should wait at least half an hour before reporting the problem to anyone, to make sure that it is not just a one-off glitch.

In some cases, the problem is that the webserver has enabled IPv6 networking on the webserver (more information – Wikipedia), but with a broken setup. With IPv4 still dominating Internet traffic, this problem can sometimes pass for a long time on a server without being spotted. This is one possible cause of the above error. In this case, for Google storage (i.e. Google Drive or Google Cloud), you can add this after the opening line of your wp-config.php file, in order to cause UpdraftPlus to use IPv4 only:

define(‘UPDRAFTPLUS_IPV4_ONLY’, true);

If this does resolve the issue, then you should definitely report this to your web hosting provider, so that they can fix the misconfiguration on their server, which is better than just working around it in UpdraftPlus.

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