What encryption methods are supported for FTP/SFTP?

Without the SFTP/FTPS add-on, UpdraftPlus supports plain, unencrypted FTP. However, if you are backing up business or other sensitive data, then you may wish to use have your communications with your FTP/SFTP server encrypted.

FTP and SFTP are different protocols, but often confused. SFTP is an always-encrypted protocol, so there’s nothing more to say about that – if you have the add-on, then you have SFTP, which is always encrypted.

With encrypted FTP, both kinds of encryption – i.e. both implicit and explicit encryption – are supported.

“Explicit” encryption happens when you connect to an FTP server without encryption, and then immediately request to upgrade your connection to an encrypted one (the requestor “explicitly” request it). This is the most common kind of FTP encryption. UpdraftPlus’s SFTP/FTPS add-on will attempt this kind of encryption by default.

“Implicit” encryption is when you connect to an FTP server on a port which requires an immediate SSL negotiation – i.e. no non-encrypted communication can take place (encryption is “implicit” in the use of that port). Such FTP servers run on port 990. To use this form of encryption, simply add “:990” to the server name in UpdraftPlus’s configuration:

SFTP - implicit encryption

SFTP – implicit encryption

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