What features does UpdraftCentral have?

As well as centralized and remote control of all your UpdraftPlus backups, restorations and migrations, you can also manage and update the themes, plugins and cores of every website you manage.

Built with the latest, state-of-the-art technology, UpdraftCentral is crammed full of features that ensure that you enjoy the best possible user experience:
• As a single-page/dynamic JavaScript application, it won’t annoyingly refresh the page on every action. And because it runs in the front end and on full-screen mode, you won’t have the wp-dashboard getting in your way.
• It sends all communications directly from the browser, rather than through a back-end server, making it much faster and more efficient than traditional management applications.
• For maximum security, all communications between sites are RSA encrypted and signed, and every connection has a unique key-pair. It can be run by localhost, so as an extra security precaution, you can have the dashboard website (i.e. the one that controls all the others) off the public internet.
• It’s mobile-ready and responsive, built to run on any device from day one.
• It’s also extensible and developer friendly: it uses WordPress hooks widely, and all its JavaScript is documented with JSDoc.

UpdraftCentral Premium only:
• A sophisticated WordPress user management system that enables you to create, edit and delete users to contribute whilst giving you full control over their levels of access and permission.
• Fully supported via a professional, fast, ticketed support service and active forum.
• Choice of Cloud hosted. With UpdraftCentral Cloud you have all the features of UpdraftCentral Premium, but we do all the hosting and maintenance of the app for you.

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