What licence does UpdraftPlus use?

UpdraftPlus is copyrighted, and the main body of its code is licensed to users under the GNU General Public Licence, version 3. Details on the open-source licences of various linked components used are available using the links on our acknowledgements page.

Please note that the GPL licence does not grant any rights to use UpdraftPlus’s trademark or brand beyond ordinary installation and use of the software, without additional explicit permission from us. Furthermore, whilst the GPL grants a perpetual right to use of software obtained under it, it does not grant a perpetual right to any associated services, for example, to receive updates to future updates of the software (in our case, purchases in general come with a right to 12 months of updates, subject to conditions (e.g. not abusing our support staff or other facilities) but you can check the details for individual products).

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