This month, we have released a few new features, which we’d like to tell you about.

The first two relate to UpdraftCentral:

  1. We’ve added more stuff in UpdraftCentral’s Advanced Tools. We’ve added “Import and Export Settings”, so you can transfer settings from one website directly to another. If, for example, you’ve set up UpdraftPlus to back up one of your websites, you can transfer the setting from this site to any or all of your other sites, so you don’t have to do each one individually. We’ve also added something that will clear settings.
  2. We’ve added a nifty Vault Browser to UpdraftCentral, making its ecosystem more fluid and integrated. The Vault Browser will enable you to see, download or delete every individual file you’ve saved within Vault.

Displaying udc_vault.png

The second two features related to UpdraftPlus:

  1. UpdraftPlus has a new directory browser, making it quick and easy for you to browse through all of your folders, rather than having to manually input a pathway.
  2. UpdraftPlus has developed a way of encrypting large databases, basically by encoding it in sections so that the server doesn’t bite off more than it can chew! This will give you the welcome assurance that, no matter the size, your website data will be extra secure.

Alongside this, is the usual mix of small tweaks and fixes, including a fix for downloading a backup from Dropbox if you were running on a server with a particular old PHP component which had a bug (for which UpdraftPlus now has a work-around). So update UpdraftPlus and UpdraftCentral today to benefit. The full changelog for UpdraftPlus follows.

  • Feature: Add UpdraftCentral ( UpdraftVault listener
  • Feature: Encryption and decryption is now chunked, meaning that large databases of any size can be encrypted without being prevented by memory limits
  • Fix: Fix a bug whereby if a backup set containing a manual “more files” element was imported via a remote scan, then an error would show concerning it when attempting to restore.
  • Fix: On certain combinations of changing the “more files to back up” settings, these changes might not be reflected in the “Backup Now” dialog without a page reload
  • Fix: Remove a PHP 5.5+-only construction that crept into 1.12.31
  • Tweak: Allow UpdraftCentral command classes to provide commands via the __call method
  • Tweak: Move the existing backups table into the templating system
  • Tweak: When trying to restore before cleaning up a previous restore, the detailed error message shown needed tweaking
  • Tweak: Some refactoring of the dashboard JavaScript, to abstract/harmonise all AJAX calls
  • Tweak: Removed the triple click and replaced it with standard double click
  • Tweak: Some refactoring of the UpdraftCentral command interface, to facilitate reduction of duplicated dashboard control code
  • Tweak: One less HTTP round-trip when deleting from the dashboard
  • Tweak: Updated advanced tools to allow UpdraftCentral to use wipe settings and export / import
  • Tweak: Revamped the ‘Premium / Extensions’ tab in the free version
  • Tweak: Work around HTTP 400 error from Dropbox on servers with several-year old version of curl, caused by bad interaction between curl and Dropbox over a specific header
  • Tweak: Add a notice advising of WP-Optimize ( to the available notices
  • Tweak: Prevent an unwanted PHP log notice when using Google Drive
  • Tweak: More file directories are now added using a directory browser

David Anderson (lead developer, UpdraftPlus)