OpenStack ( is about “Open source software for building private and public clouds.” Instead of paying Amazon to use their cloud computing system, you can build your own. (So, this is more of a high-level developer interest than a casual user one!) Rackspace are probably the largest provider to be building their cloud on top of OpenStack technology; Red Hat and Ubuntu (vendors of the two biggest Linux distributions) are also big backers. HP are just one example of a well-known brand building their public cloud on OpenStack.

UpdraftPlus is, from today, the first WordPress backup plugin to support OpenStack’s storage module (Swift). Thanks to an investment from German storage provider Internet4You, the development version of UpdraftPlus has a fully-functional OpenStack storage module. It has all the features that other UpdraftPlus storage modules include: chunked and resumable uploading (so that backups can reach remote storage, regardless of the resources and low timeouts offered by your web hosting provider) and downloading, the ability to re-scan your remote storage to import backup sets made in another WordPress install, and the ability to test your connection before launching a backup. Both encrypted and non-encrypted connections are supported, and UpdraftPlus’s existing expert options for managing SSL connections are supported.

Swift storage option

Choosing OpenStack for your storage option

OpenStack options

 OpenStack configuration

If you can’t wait for the next official UpdraftPlus release, then you can test it out today in our development version (without any paid addons).

David Anderson (founder, leader developer, UpdraftPlus)