Enhancements to remote storage locations

UpdraftPlus Premium enhances the remote storage options included in ‘Free’ UpdraftPlus. Specifically Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud Files, and AWS S3.

What enhancements are included in premium?

Dropbox and Google Drive

Store backups in subfolders in Dropbox or Google Drive, rather than the default ‘app folder’.

Rackspace CloudFiles

Protect your Rackspace CloudFiles by creating an API user for UpdraftPlus which has restricted access to a single container in CloudFiles. Premium makes it easy with the addition of a setup wizard in UpdraftPlus.

Amazon Web Services S3

  • Backup to the AWS S3 ‘Infrequent access’ storage tier which is up to 40% cheaper than frequent storage classes, saving you money. 
  • Adds a server-side encryption to the S3 storage settings to improve security.
  • Create a ‘bucket’ in AWS to store the backup files and create an IAM user which has restricted access to the backup bucket, directly from UpdraftPlus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a Google Drive account to UpdraftPlus?

To configure your account, see here.

Where in Dropbox are my files stored?

UpdraftPlus uses what Dropbox calls an “app folder”. This means that UpdraftPlus only has access to its own files – not any other part of your Dropbox.

App folders are all stored in the top-level folder called “apps”, with their own name. In the case of UpdraftPlus, your files are in “apps/UpdraftPlus.Com”. Dropbox does not allow us to access anything outside of there.

If you purchase UpdraftPlus Premium, then you can store your backups inside sub-folders of that directory, e.g. one site in “apps/UpdraftPlus.Com/mysite”, another in “apps/UpdraftPlus.Com/anotherone”, etc.

If you cannot yet see your backup in your Dropbox folder, then you should go to the Dropbox website, and look directly in your Dropbox in there. If you have been viewing your Dropbox on your PC/Mac, then it may not yet be synchronised (it takes time for new data in your Dropbox to get synchronised to the folder on your PC/Mac – the Dropbox website has the “official” contents). Please do check this before you conclude that your backup hasn’t worked!

Will you support Windows Live OneDrive (f.k.a. SkyDrive)?
How to add RackSpace to your UpdraftPlus cloud settings


How do I add Microsoft OneDrive to my UpdraftPlus backup settings

Still have questions?

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