Renewing your UpdraftPlus purchase

When your year of access to UpdraftPlus updates and support comes to an end, you will want to renew your access. By renewing, you get:

  • Another 12 months of access to UpdraftPlus updates – gaining you access to new features and fixes.
  • Updated versions of UpdraftPlus will also mean that you remain compatible with future WordPress releases, as and when they appear.
  • Another 12 months of access to support – access to our support desk so that any problems and queries can be resolved.

How to renew

To renew your access, simply purchase the same product again and select the ‘This is a renewal’ checkbox at checkout

To buy the same product again, you can either go to the shop, or (even easier), go to your orders page, and press the “Buy Again / Renew” button:

Order again

Anything else?

That’s pretty much it. Only one other thing: a renewal will add a full year to your existing expiry date, regardless of when you purchase. So, don’t worry about renewing early: you won’t lose any time from your entitlement. (And similarly, if you delay renewing until the minute of the deadline, it won’t gain you anything).

All you need to do to renew is to head over to the shop, put the product in your basket, and head to the checkout. Thanks for sticking with WordPress’s best backup plugin!

Note 1: Q. If I don’t renew, then will you prevent my copy of UpdraftPlus from working? A. No; we have no mechanism for this and would not want to. You will, however, risk UpdraftPlus stopping working if future WordPress releases make changes that are not compatible with the current plugin, and you will not be eligible to receive any support for any problems you have.

Note 2: In the early months of UpdraftPlus launching paid products (in 2013), life-time access to updates was offered, with 12 months support. This offer will be honoured. If you purchased, then you will never lose access to updates; but you will need to renew in order to maintain access to support.