Anonymisation functionss

Anonymisation functions

Automatically anonymise any personal data found in your WordPress database tables.

From $15.00 / year

This feature gives UpdraftPlus Premium users more control over what data is backed up when making a backup using UpdraftPlus.

With more and more data protection laws like GDPR you have to be careful when handling personal data. For example you can no longer just clone a site that includes customer details to a development site, to comply you have to then wipe or edit data on the cloned site after creating it.

Before creating a backup with UpdraftPlus, Anonymisation Functions gives you the ability to automatically anonymise any personal data found in your WordPress database tables such as names and email addresses. You then have a backup that complies with data protection laws and can be safely deployed to your development site.

Please add a sufficient number to your cart, according to how many websites you need them for. If you need a lot, UpdraftPlus Premium offers the best value (including options for unlimited licences).

This purchase includes access to support and updates for 1 year, after which time it is possible to renew.

Note: Select renewal type as automatic so your UpdraftPlus is always compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It means regular updates, new features and support when you need it. You can cancel at any time.

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This extension is included in UpdraftPremium with a significant discount.

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