Multiple storage destinations


Sending your WordPress backups to more than one remote storage destination is a wise idea.

And that’s exactly what this Add-On allows you to do.

Instead of being limited to just one storage destination, you’ll be presented with a vast list of options (such as Dropbox, Amazon and Google Drive), and you can choose as many as you like.

With just one click, your site will be safe in a number of different places.

And when you want to download or restore your backup sets, it will just look at each storage provider in turn. So if one is off-line, or if your account with another got deleted somehow, it will just move on to the next.

For the very best value, Updraft Premium includes this, plus every other Add-On (with unlimited licences) at a significant discount. Or simply buy Add-On licences here for the sites you want it for.


Storage options

Storage options

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