This Add-On allows your UpdraftPlus backups to be stored on remote WebDAV sites, including any cloud service that has a WebDAV interface, e.g. Yandex and Cubby. It also supports encryption (i.e. WebDAV over https), including self-signed certificates.

We’ve developed and tested WebDAV for UpdraftPlus against the popular Apache/mod_dav webserver combination, and against ownCloud/Nextcloud. Click on the screenshot below to see how easy it is to set up.

For the very best value, Updraft Premium includes this, plus every other Add-On (and unlimited licences) at a significant discount.


N.B. (Information current at September 2017): The WebDAV servers run by the Dutch company Transip.nl do not follow the same protocol conventions as other servers that we are able to test with (e.g. Apache, OwnCloud, Nextcloud), and are not compatible with this add-on.

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