If you have lost access to an UpdraftPlus.Com account, then please fill in this form to help with re-establishing of your identity. The more detail that you can supply, the better. This is doubly important for accounts where the account-holder has activated two-factor authentication. UpdraftPlus staff will then evaluate whether they are able to establish your ownership of the account, and respond to you appropriately.

Please note: this is only for if you can no longer log in to your account. If you can still log in, then you can still perform most other operations; such as, for example, changing your account email address (even if the previous email address no longer exists). Or if your email address still does exist, but you have forgotten your password, you can use the “lost your password” link.

Please enter the name of the owner of the account that you wish to establish a right of access to
Please enter the email address of the account that you wish to establish a right of access to
Please explain why you need to re-establish access to this account - i.e. why you no longer have access and cannot use normal mechanisms (e.g. password reset) to re-gain access.
Please enter the postal address that was entered when the account was set up
Please enter the dates, order numbers, and order details of any orders made on this account. Please include details of how you paid for these orders. This is especially important for proving identity. Relevant details would include things like: dates of payments, PayPal transaction numbers, and the last 4 digits of any cards you paid with (but you should NOT send complete card numbers).
Please enter the URLs of any sites that you can remember that UpdraftPlus is currently licensed upon
Please enter any other information which is relevant to this attempt to re-establish identity
Please upload any files which are relevant to your application - e.g. identity documents, copies of past invoices.
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