PHP 8.3 is scheduled to be released in November 2023 and there are already a number of release candidates available as testing versions. Whilst you’re able to download and configure PHP 8.3 manually on your own environment, with UpdraftClone, you can spin up a testing site in just 3 clicks.

UpdraftClone allows you to easily and quickly create cloned versions of your WordPress website.  Experiment with upgrades, new themes, plugins, updated layouts or content, without the risk of breaking the live site.

There’s no need to buy separate hosting or go through the installation process. Simply select the versions of WordPress and PHP you’d like to set up and you’re good to go.

UpdraftClone is paid for in tokens.

If your site is 25GB or less (most sites) it costs just one token to boot up the site and one token per week thereafter. 5 tokens over 4 weeks costs just $14.40. You can even use your tokens to boot empty WordPress installs rather than cloning your existing site. Simply throw away the clone when you’re finished.

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