Manage lots of WordPress websites?  Want them all to run faster?  But no time to optimize them all?

We’ve made it so that you can control WP-Optimize from UpdraftCentral in order to make streamlining all of your website databases even easier and more effortless!

So you can now optimise all your websites all in one place at one time.

Here’s a preview of what it looks like.

We’re continually developing UpdraftCentral, and we’re committed to it being the world’s most advanced and easy WordPress multiple site backup, update and management tool.

To sign up to UpdraftCentral, or get a free trial, find out more here.

Here’s the Changelog for the current UpdraftCentral Cloud Version as well as UC 0.7.1 self install.
= 0.7.1 – 22/Mar/2018 =

* FEATURE: Activate the WP-Optimize control module – requires WP-Optimize 2.2.0 or later
* FIX: Restore ability to manage UpdraftVault for recent new users
* TWEAK: Refactor how scheduled commands are being processed using cron
* TWEAK: Make modules that were not listed in the visibility list visible by default
* TWEAK: Fix the positioning of the “processing” message in the single site updates area
* TWEAK: Replace use of jQuery.parseJSON() with JSON.parse()
* TWEAK: Add a “Database only” option to the UpdraftPlus email backup options