The UpdraftPlus have now released the latest updates for users of UpdraftCentral.

This latest update includes several new features, fixes and tweaks; including fixing the search area display on non-visible sites list and bigger check-boxes for easier use. We are sure that these updates will improve the overall experience of UpdraftCentral.

The change log for UpdraftCentral 0.8.9 and UpdraftCentral Premium 0.8.3 has been released for all versions (including Cloud). We recommend the update for all users.

Update: 0.8.9

  • FEATURE: Import function to import data from an export file
  • FEATURE: Open the UpdraftCentral page at a particular module using a querystring parameter
  • FIX: Prevent the in-progress dialog to show on subsequent requests
  • FIX: Fix inclusion of “up_to_date” return code as error
  • FIX: Fix search area display on non-visible sites list
  • TWEAK: Add debug/console information for troubleshooting FTP credentials failure easily
  • TWEAK: Add new items to the list in the upgrade page
  • TWEAK: Make the check-boxes bigger

Update: 0.8.3

  • FIX: Fix install/activate function not working inside plugins and themes install area
  • FIX: Fix theme and plugin permission and processing related issues
  • FIX: Fix a couple of issues found when searching websites using tags as keyword
  • TWEAK: Cache the results of the WP API recommended plugins lookup
  • TWEAK: Avoid one-per-site SQL queries in the “tags” module
  • TWEAK: Update updater class to 1.8 series