The UpdraftPlus team have been working hard getting the latest updates out for users of UpdraftCentral.

The latest update for includes several new features, fixes and tweaks; including a change to export site settings and updated translations. We believe that these updates will help improve everyone’s experience of UpdraftCentral.

Export Feature

The new export feature is used to export UpdraftCentral sites that have been registered by the user. The export file also includes any relevant information associated with the sites and the current user such as site-meta and user-meta settings.

The feature can be very useful if the user plans to transfer or move to a different host or server. Instead of re-adding the sites one by one, the user now just needs to import this information using the import file and everything will be added automatically. This allows you to get back to using UpdraftCentral in next to no time, as you can now do these tasks in just a fraction of the time compared to when you had to re-add sites manually.

Update Translations

An enhancement to the updates module in which users can now automatically update any available translation updates for the chosen language on their remote websites. Users can also check the number of translation updates available and what are they (e.g. for plugins, themes or WP core).

The changelog for UpdraftCentral 0.8.7 is as follows. We recommend the update for all users.

  • FEATURE: Add handler for the WP-Optimize remove table feature
  • FEATURE: Export site settings and other relevant information
  • FEATURE: Add the ability to update translations
  • FIX: Fix WP-Optimize refresh tables feature
  • FIX: Fix mass updates issues
  • FIX: Fix a couple of issues found when searching websites
  • FIX: Prevent PHP error if the “not authorised” form needs displaying multiple times on a page
  • TWEAK: Controlled sites must now be running at least WordPress 3.4 (June 2012) (though, we strongly recommend updating anything you’ve got that is that old!).
  • TWEAK: If localStorage.storage_set() fails, then try purging old data; also purge upon initialization
  • TWEAK: Cache SQL results in UpdraftCentral_User::get_site_tags() to prevent unnecessary duplicate calls