Our latest UpdraftPlus release is in the process of making its way to your dashboards for updating.

The biggest improvement has been much-requested. Now, instead of the somewhat complicated procedure for setting up Google Drive via the Google developer console, we have made it as easy as Dropbox and OneDrive already were – just a few clicks, and no technological knowledge needed. No API keys or secrets, etc.

Beyond that, there are a lot of handy improvements to various areas, small fixes and internal improvements intended to pave the way for future features. One to note (for Premium users) is that Amazon are phasing out “Reduced Redundancy Storage”. It still exists, but it costs more for less redundancy, and hence is pointless (which is what they are doing before removing it entirely). So, this setting is no longer available or used in UpdraftPlus.

As ever, it’s a recommended update for everyone. And if you’ve not yet taken a look at our flagship product, UpdraftPlus Premium, please do! The full changelog for this release follows.

  • Feature: Google Drive authorisation now goes via an officially registered app for easier connections to Google Drive.
  • Feature: Include commands for UpdraftCentral’s (https://updraftcentral.com) Google Analytics management facility (check the changelog for the release)
  • Fix: Correct handling of OneDrive folder names featuring spaces (possibly a regression/change in the handling at OneDrive’s end)
  • Tweak: Prevent messy layout when the last log message is very long
  • Tweak: Log catchable fatal errors and exceptions during backup in PHP 7
  • Tweak: Log catchable fatal errors and exceptions during restore in PHP 7
  • Tweak: Log catchable fatal errors and exceptions during backup download in PHP 7
  • Tweak: Reduce amount of database logging during existing zip analysis, database backup and pruning stages
  • Tweak: In AJAX/JSON responses, automatically detect and handle corrupted output (e.g. setups where PHP debugging notices are configured to come to the browser)
  • Tweak: Catches and more elegantly handles errors when a settings import file cannot be JSON-parsed
  • Tweak: Request list of available add-ons (paid versions) from the mothership in current format
  • Tweak: Added custom backup message parameter backupnow_message in function updraft_backupnow_inpage_go()
  • Tweak: General code tidy-up, making older code conform to our current standards
  • Tweak: Add the possibility of passing back associated data with test results, and log it in the browser console
  • Tweak: When carrying out a remote storage test, pass the state of the ‘debug’ setting
  • Tweak: When testing SFTP settings, if debug is activated, activate debug logging and pass the results back in the event of test failure
  • Tweak: Optimise away a database query in the case of no UpdraftCentral keys existing
  • Tweak: Removed “Reduced Redundancy” storage class from Amazon S3 remote storage options, because Amazon are deprecating it (and it now costs more, for inferior redundancy – https://updraftplus.com/forums/topic/amazon-is-phasing-out-reduced-redundancy-storage/)
  • Tweak: Backup files missing error message corrected
  • Tweak: Add the handlebars-js and xamin/handlebars.php libraries
  • Tweak: The FTP storage module has been ported to outputing its configuration via a template
  • Tweak: Introduce internal API and port all job data saved in storage modules to be instance-local

David Anderson (lead developer)