A new UpdraftPlus release is out. This introduces no new features, but fixes a few issues or sub-optimal behaviours in the previous release (which introduced our new UpdraftClone product, in case you’ve not yet seen it). The full changelog for this release is below; but the short version is that we recommend the update to everyone.

  • Fix: Asking the tour to cancel on the plugins page did not work
  • Fix: an issue where some jobdata did not get set which resulted in the backup email not being sent
  • Fix: a regression whereby network-activated plugins could get deactivated on multisites when restoring
  • Fix: When database encryption was active, UpdraftClone would fail
  • Tweak: There is now a ‘Rescan remote storage – log results to console’ link in ‘Advanced Tools’ to aid with debugging
  • Tweak: Fixes Migrate / clone tab contents showing on the Advanced tools tab
  • Tweak: Attempt to catch, work-around and log when the backup history cannot be saved due to too long a history relative to the MySQL server’s maximum packet size
  • Tweak: Re-factor and introduce the UpdraftPlus_Storage_Methods_Interface class
  • Tweak: Introduce the UPDRAFTPLUS_ENABLE_TOUR constant for power users; set it to false as part of your automated WP installation process (or manually) if you wish to disable all tour functionality.

David Anderson (lead developer)