Our most recent update ensures that any errors with Dropbox and SFTP remote storage solutions are correctly passed up to the logging layer, ensuring that data is actionable and remains up to date. 

The logging layer is where errors, events, warnings and other important information is stored. The error meant that this process was not functioning correctly. The error started in 1.23.6, on 4th July 23, and has now been patched by our team.

Plugin users who work with Dropbox and SFTP solutions should ensure that they update to the most recent version of UpdraftPlus.

Please see below for a full breakdown of the changes that have been made.


UpdraftPlus tag created: 1.23.7

= 1.23.7 – 04/Jul/2023 =

* FIX: When Dropbox returns an error, this error was not always correctly passed up to the logging layer

* FIX: Search / replace database not working on Admin dashboard > Settings > UpdraftPlus Backups > Advanced Tools > Search / replace database on PHP 8.2 due to stricter type checking

* FIX: The SFTP remote storage stopped working in the UpdraftPlus 2.23.6 release. Reverted the change “TWEAK: Validate SFTP key field on credential test and before save”

* TWEAK: Fixed Missing/ broken links for the pCloud image in addons tab

* TWEAK: Buying UpdraftClone tokens through inline checkout