Customers of GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting may have noticed that UpdraftPlus has been blocklisted for the past few months.

UpdraftPlus was blocklisted because the specifics of the GoDaddy configuration meant backups were consuming large amounts of server resources. More specifically, servers were configured to use a cron interval which was timing out before temporary backup files could be cleaned up.

We’ve been working hard to implement performance improvements to satisfy GoDaddy’s requirements.

We’re happy to announce that as of versions 1.22.23 (free) and 2.22.23 (Premium), GoDaddy has lifted the restrictions on UpdraftPlus.

If you previously had UpdraftPlus Free or UpdraftPlus Premium installed on your GoDaddy Hosted site, you can now reactivate the plugin (after updating to the latest version).

If you are new to UpdraftPlus, why not check out the extensive features available?