As part of our commitment to continually develop and improve the features offered by UpdraftPlus, we have spent a lot of time focusing on the main goal of making restores great again. Thanks to all the hard work and dedication from our team, over the last few months we have managed to add several under the hood tweaks that have helped with our ‘improve restore project’ that is included with the latest 1.16.17 update. 

Part of the improvements we have implemented with the restore development is the addition of ‘in page restore resumptions’. No longer will you be left wondering if your restore has failed, resulting in you navigating to another page to check and resume the restore. With this new tweak we automatically detect if the restore has stalled and will add a notice to allow you to resume the restore without leaving the page.

Another new feature we have added lets you resume a restore part way through a zip file. You are no longer forced to resume your restore at the last completed zip, as you can now resume part way through a zip. This means that if the restore times out when unzipping a large zip file, UpdraftPlus will pick back up at the last file unzipped.

We have also redesigned the restore page to improve the overall appearance and functionality of the plugin, fixing some bugs and adding improvements to the restore process.

But that’s not all! Upcoming features that we are working on include resuming database restorations, so if the database fails to restore you will be able to pick back up at the last table completed and automatically restore more files

The changelog for UpdraftPlus Free (1.16.17) and UpdraftPlus Premium (2.16.17) is as follows. 

We recommend the update for all users.

  • FEATURE: Added the ability to use UpdraftClone with sub-folder based multisites
  • FEATURE: Catch duplicate entries in a corrupt DB upon restoration and handle/fix them automatically
  • FIX: Some more complicated triggers (see in CiviCRM) that were not previously handled correctly are; and SQL backup format for triggers is now mutually compatible with mysqldump/mysql binaries
  • FIX: Reset internal state upon beginning backup_resume(), in case WP cron called us multiple times in the same process
  • FIX: Provide compatibility functions on WP < 3.7 for mbstring_binary_safe_encoding() and reset_mbstring_encoding()
  • FIX: Correct the Azure China storage endpoint in options
  • TWEAK: Re-designed restore process
  • TWEAK: Prevent cosmetic error if WP_Filesystem call fails when deleting old folders
  • TWEAK: Fix escaping that caused a problem in some translations with a dismissal notice
  • TWEAK: Update bundled cacert.pem file
  • TWEAK: Include a DROP command for any triggers about to be created in the backup
  • TWEAK: The BackBlaze module (Premium feature) can now cope with BackBlaze losing uploaded chunks
  • TWEAK: Cast file IDs in Backblaze to strings to prevent possible API error
  • TWEAK: Do not attempt to perform search/replaces in tables of ARCHIVE type
  • TWEAK: Introduce the constant UPDRAFTPLUS_SQLEXEC_MAXIMUM_ERRORS to aid debugging
  • TWEAK: log message when checking which files need uploading on an incremental backup job
  • TWEAK: Don’t send external DB backups to UpdraftClone
  • TWEAK: Reset the UpdraftClone UI if the clone is not created before it expires
  • TWEAK: Automatically detect a stalled restore and offer a resumption on the restore page
  • TWEAK: Remove some unused restore code
  • TWEAK: Prevent a PHP deprecation log notice with WebDAV on PHP 7.3
  • TWEAK: Catch exceptions and errors during recursive search/replace and recover from them
  • TWEAK: CSS tweak to prevent other plugins from breaking the style of pop-up close buttons
  • TWEAK: Ensure the error is logged on the final remote send complete call if it fails
  • TWEAK: BackBlaze terminology updated to match their changes
  • TWEAK: Update seasonal notices for next year