UpdraftCentral is our highly efficient service to manage, update and backup multiple websites from one place.

Today we launched a new version of UpdraftPlus which makes connecting a site to UpdraftCentral seamless. Just enter your UpdraftPlus.com login details in settings and press a button, and you’ve connected the site!

With many new features in recent months including managing users, comments, analytics and speed optimization, there’s never been a better time to try UpdraftCentral. Find out more here: https://updraftplus.com/updraftcentral/

The full changelog for this release follows.

  • FEATURE: Make it more seamless to sign up to UpdraftCentral Cloud
  • FEATURE: Microsoft Azure storage (Premium) compatibility with Azure Germany
  • FEATURE: Added the ability to create migration keys from WP-CLI (Premium)
  • FIX: A backup icon/storage shows for a storage type even if all instances were disabled
  • FIX: A PHP fatal error was occurring when a user tries to restore an encrypted DB when defining the “UPDRAFTPLUS_DECRYPTION_ENGINE” constant
  • FIX: WP CLI Updraftplus command was not running on few environments like the Windows command line
  • REFACTOR: Completed factoring for tabs of the settings page.
  • TWEAK: Some refactoring and tidying of the restoration code for easier maintenance
  • TWEAK: Add a longer timeout on SFTP logins to cope with a ‘long delay, but then worked’ situation seen in the wild
  • TWEAK: An “Incremental backups” extension was displayed in the Premium / Extensions tab, causing confusion since it is not yet finished/launched
  • TWEAK: Displays a Byte Order Mark (BOM) warning by giving the file names along with the path in the “Existing Backups” tab, if a BOM is detected at the start of common files that people tend to edit
  • TWEAK: A WP CLI Existing backup command didn’t display a date time in the “job_identifier” column
  • TWEAK: Add links to the relevant app privacy policies within the settings sections for storage methods using OAuth authorization apps
  • TWEAK: Log user and group IDs of process and file/folder, when permissions for an operation is denied
  • TWEAK: Prevent a potential PHP debugging notice when showing the ‘Upload’ button
  • TWEAK: Update an out-of-date “wrong password” link
  • TWEAK: Added the “Web-server disk space in use by UpdraftPlus” information to “Site information” section in the “Advanced Tools” tab; it won’t show in the ‘Existing Backups’ tab if you are using less than 100MB.
  • TWEAK: When a Google Cloud token was invalid, a PHP Fatal could result instead of catching the error and informing/logging nicely
  • TWEAK: If php-xml (SimpleXMLElement) is not installed, then show an appropriate warning in the Azure configuration section
  • TWEAK: If the user tries to install another version of UpdraftPlus, then tweak the default error message that they are shown by WP, which is too obscure/cryptic for many users
  • TWEAK: When a WP user is deleted, make sure that their data is deleted from the UpdraftCentral database table
  • TWEAK: Displayed “Web-server disk space in use by UpdraftPlus” information in the Site information section for the advanced tools