Imagine you have the choice between two 5-star restaurants that serve equally great food, but one of them takes your order, serves you drinks and gets your meal out to you in ten minutes, while the other restaurant takes 60 minutes to even seat you at your table. Which one would you rather visit? In today’s modern world, where we are all trying to be more efficient with our time; you would almost certainly choose to eat at the first restaurant.

With so many distractions and options for people’s attention in today’s world, a smart business will adapt accordingly by not only giving the customers compelling, high-quality products, but designing the products to help them save time. This important fact should inform how you design your WordPress website. 

Once a user has visited your site for the first time, it is important to keep them coming back time and time again. Around 50 % of website visitors will simply abort loading your website if it takes more than three seconds to open. As such, it is vital that you make a good first impression with your website performance. 

While there are over a dozen performance-boosting plugins you can use for your WordPress site, we will be comparing two of the top choices – WP-Optimize vs WP Super Cache.

Does your WordPress website need a performance-boosting plugin?

If you were an Olympic athlete, you would make sure you had the best running shoes available. The same is applicable for your website. All WordPress sites need performance-boosting plugins to help them to load as fast as possible and produce peak performance. 

Do you want your website to perform at the highest possible level? If your answer is yes, then your WordPress website will require a good performance-boosting plugin. 

WP-Optimize vs. WP Super Cache: Which is the better WordPress optimization plugin?


Whenever WP-Optimize is mentioned, it’s three key aspects usually come to mind – cache, clean, and compress. As one of the leading all-in-one WordPress performance-boosting plugins, WP-Optimize helps to efficiently cache your website, clean it’s database, and compress images. 

WP-Optimize currently has more than one million active installations, with users from all over the world. It’s impressive reputation, coupled with its all-in-one nature makes it the obvious choice for any WordPress site owner. 

The following are the primary functions of WP-Optimize. .  

Database cleaning 

Nothing slows down your website like redundant files. These can include transients, unnecessary drafts, unpalatable comments, and revision files. Your website needs an effective performance optimization plugin that will automatically remove this unneeded content without tampering with the integrity of your website. WP-Optimize is about the only plugin that removes trackbacks and pingbacks. 

Image compression

Beyond just compressing the images on your site, you get to determine the degree to which they are compressed. The image optimization feature in WP-Optimize is a cutting edge and leading image optimization platform that works well and it’s easily the best in the WordPress market. One of the best ways you can improve the speed of your site via WP-Optimize is by optimizing your images. This process, which is commonly known as ‘smush’ or ‘smushing’ allows users to optimize, compress and resize all the images on a website, potentially saving many MB per image and improving loading speeds. This feature is available on both the free and premium versions of WP-Optimize.

Lazy Loading

Simply put, lazy load describes the process where a website delays the initialization of components until such a time where they are necessary. This is done to boost the performance of the website and efficiently utilize the system resources. WP-Optimize Premium features this lazy load option and it’s arguably the best one available in the WordPress market. 

Page caching

This feature allows your website to produce a separate batch of files for mobile and generate a separate cache for logged in visitors. Using page caching, WP-Optimize improves the speed and overall performance of the website. 

WP Super Cache

Created by Automattic, WP Super Cache is used primarily to cache a WordPress website. It does this by generating static HTML files that your server displays to people visiting your website. Many developers consider this to be a faster option than processing WordPress PHP scripts. 

The following are some features for this plugin: 

Suited for CDN (Content Delivery Network)

WP Super Cache works perfectly with CDN Networks. CDN allows your WordPress website to be stored on multiple servers all over the world so it can be downloaded from cache by visitors. In turn, this makes your website super fast, even if visitors are far from the origin server. 


WP Super Cache only has a free version and can be downloaded from their WP.Org. All its features, as you have seen, are somewhat limited as they are only available on a free version. There is no option for users to upgrade when more features and tools are required.

WP-Optimize has both a free and a premium version. Usually, the free version is sufficient for the basic performance improvement you’d need for your website. The premium version starts at £42/year and comes in three packages: Starter, Business and Unlimited depending on the number of site licenses you need.

WP-Optimize vs WP Super Cache features

Features WP-Optimize WP Super Cache
Database optimization Yes No
Page Cache Yes Yes
Image compression Yes No
Mobile specific cache Yes Yes 
CSS and JS minification Yes No
GZIP compression Yes Yes
Simple setup Yes No
Preload cache  Yes Yes
Free version Yes Yes
Built-in backup Yes No

WP-Optimize vs WP Super Cache: Which is the better plugin?

From everything that has been discussed so far in this article and due to all the extra features and tools available to users, WP-Optimize is the superior of the two plugins. 


There are many takeaways to be found in the above analysis, but here are the top three: 

  • WP-Optimize and WP Super Cache both offer free versions of their plugin and both top rated performance-boosting plugins. 
  • Of the two plugins, WP-Optimize offers more features and more tools, giving a bigger boost to the optimization of your WordPress site

While some may argue that a direct comparison is unfair as WP Super Cache doesn’t have a premium version, It should be noted that for this analysis, the free version of WP-Optimize and WP Super Cache were compared – With WP-Optimize coming out as clearly the better and more complete plugin.