Keep Your Database Fast & Efficient

WordPress’ most popular optimization/clean-up plugin with over 500,000 existing users,
WP-Optimize automatically cleans up and optimizes your WordPress database without the need for phpMyAdmin. It’s a simple, highly effective tool that removes all kinds of old revisions, spam and trash with just a couple of clicks.

How fit is your WordPress website?

Is your site lean, fast and fit, or sluggish, stuffed-up and slow? With WP-Optimize, you can get it into shape in seconds!

Your WordPress database works hard storing everything you need for your website. But it also stores what you don’t need. Every time you edit a page or a post, the old versions remain and stack up, along with spam, trash and unapproved comments.

This wastes many megabytes of valuable space, leaving your database bloated, messy and overrun with data that’s completely useless. This slows down load times, restricts space and eventually makes your site unfit for purpose. Users quickly lose patience and give up if they’re made to wait around.

That’s why you need WP-Optimize. This simple, highly effective plugin clears out all unnecessary data and cleans up your tables, making them lean, fast and thoroughly optimized.

IMPORTANT: create a backup of your website before you run WP-Optimize


Optimizes without the need for manual queries

Carries out automatic weekly clean-ups


Retains a set number of weeks’ data during clean-ups

Mobile device friendly


Enables/ disables trackbacks and comments for all published posts

Displays database table statistics to show how much space can be cleared

Automatically cleans up auto draft posts and all integrated options (if retention enabled)

Enabled for Administrators only

What WP-Optimize can remove automatically:


Clean up auto draft posts

Stale post revisions and post trash


Stale unapproved, spam and trashed comments

Akismet and other stale metadata from comments

Trackbacks and pingbacks

Transient Options

What people say:

Not many people understand that a WordPress database can grow with bloated data that is unnecessary to keep around and this plugin does a spectacular job of keeping everything in check.I used to use a different plugin to clean up WordPress databases, but I especially like that WP-Optimize can automate this as a scheduled task. Set it and forget it! No need to worry about bloated databases any longer.Thanks to Ruhani for developing this plugin for the WordPress community!
Douglas Karr
Douglas Karr
As a long-time user of WordPress, we sometimes iterate through so many themes and plugins that the database becomes ridiculously cluttered. Great tool for maintaining and optimizing a clean installation.
Luke Cavanagh
Luke Cavanagh
Have used it on many sites, for removing post revisions, draft posts and expired transients.Very handy tool to have. Highly recommended.
I’ve been using WP-Optimize for 3 years. I’ve also used a lot of alternatives, but after using WP-Optimize, I never ever thought of deleting it. I highly recommend this plug-in. Thanks for the development! 🙂
I bought a wordpress theme and in the theme notes it mentioned I should install three free plugins if I want to increase my web site’s speed and performance. Those listed were: WP-Optimize, W3 Total Cache, and EWWW Image Optimizer. I left all settings as default. They are AMAZING! My wordpress site went from painfully slow to an above average speed on loading pages!!!
This very useful and simple plugin. WordPress data bases could be huge because of garbage they keep. This plugin helps to keep data base reasonable size. Thank you for creating and maintaining this plugin.

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If you have questions, please take a look at our Support Forum here.

How can WP-Optimize help you?
  • Every time you save a new post or page, WordPress creates a revision of that post or page. If you edit a post 6 times you might have 5 copies of that post as revisions. Imagine if your posts or pages are long and big. It’s a huge number of bytes that is on your MySQL overhead. Now WP-Optimize allows you to optimize and shrink your posts table by removing unnecessary post revisions from the database. As example, if you have a post which is approximately 100KB data and you have 5 revisions of that post, the total space wasted is about 500KB. And if you have 100 posts similar to it, you might have 50MB database space wasted.
  • Similar to the scenario described above, there might be thousands of spam and un-approved comments in your comments table, WP-Optimize can clean and remove those in a single click.
  • WP-Optimize reports which database tables have overhead and wasted space. It also allows you to shrink and get rid of that wasted space.
Is optimizing my database safe?

Yes; optimizing does not involve any “tricks” or poking around in dangerous ways. It involves running routine clean-up operations using well-defined, common MySQL commands. Nevertheless, we always recommend backups, which cover every possibility; not just database malfunctions, but hackers, human errors, etc. We recommend UpdraftPlus.

Is the plugin tried and tested?

Yes – WP-Optimize is WordPress’s #1 most-installed optimization plugin, with over 500,000 users and a pedigree going back over 7 years.

Can you help me restore my database?

I’m afraid that this is not possible. Please ensure that you make a backup of your entire database before using WP-Optimize for the first time, and when you upgrade to a major new version of it. We recommend UpdraftPlus.

Does WP-Optimize Support InnoDB Format?

InnoDB Table formats are not supported. WP-Optimize will disable some features if it detects InnoDB table format. Optimization of the database will not work but other clean up features will.

How do I stop transient options from coming back automatically each time I clear them?

WordPress creates transient options automatically; it’s difficult to stop it from doing so. The best way to override this is to clear the transient options on a scheduled basis. For example, WordPress may create 50 transient options in a week. If you schedule WP-Optimize to clear these options on a weekly basis, you’ll have far fewer building up.

WP-Optimize does not make large savings on my database

This is rare; it’s probably because you’re with a shared web hosting company that doesn’t allow scripts to run an optimize command via SQL statements (SQL “OPTIMIZE” instruction). Please consult your web hosting company on this matter.

Table size is displayed incorrectly / Not optimizing

Please check your database for corrupted tables. That can happen, usually your web hosting company can run the repair command on the db.

How do I get support?