Automatic backups

WordPress needs a lot of updating. Core, plugins, themes – the updates are always coming. And any substantial WordPress site is going to have a lot of plugins, and hence updates.  UpdraftPlus.Com runs WordPress, and has 42 plugins! Plugins are part of what makes WordPress so great… and at times, so frustrating…

WordPress helpfully advises you to back things up before updating … but, being honest, do you do that? It’s a bit too tempting to save a minute, skip… and… oh dear, that new plugin just broke your site. How do your roll back? When did you last take a backup? Oh no – it’s from a week ago…

Wouldn’t it be great if WordPress could create automatic backups whenever you use the dashboard screen to update plugins or themes? If there was nothing extra to click, and if it just happened for you? Here it is:

Automatic backup

When you update, it backs up. The backup will be just of your plugins plus database (if updating a plugin), or themes plus database (if updating a theme) or just your database (if updating WordPress itself). Thus, it’s quick, and has what you need to roll back if something’s dodgy with the updated plugin/theme. To roll back, you just follow the usual procedure – go to the UpdraftPlus dashboard and click “Restore”.

Automatic backup running

From UpdraftPlus 1.9.32 onwards, UpdraftPlus will also automatically create backups with WordPress’s “background updates” feature, which was added in WordPress 3.7 (when automatic updates run when you’re not on your site at all).

As with all add-ons, it’s a part of UpdraftPlus Premium, for all subscribers. As far as we know, no other backup plugin has this feature.