Why Reduced Redundancy is not available for Amazon S3 Enhanced add on anymore?

If you are an UpdraftPlus Premium user, you may have recently noticed that Reduced Redundancy is not available anymore for the Amazon S3 extension. The only two options in the Storage class drop-down list are Standard and Standard (infrequent access).

This is not due to a bug in our plugin or to a configuration error.

Reduced Redundancy is being phased out lately by AWS and that is why we chose to remove this option from UpdraftPlus Premium РAmazon S3 add on settings panel.

Do not worry about the rest, though! All other functionalities of this premium add on are active and, in general, the whole UpdraftPlus code has been improved and enhanced lately.

Our aim remains to continuously improve our plugin, to make it more and more easy-to-use, performant and tailored on your ever-changing needs.