UpdraftPlus Premium has a new, long-requested feature which allows you to back up to multiple remote storage locations of the same type.

Basically, if you have multiple accounts with the same remote backup provider, you can now upload your backups to more than one account simultaneously, for example to two different Dropbox accounts or three Backblaze accounts.


This is useful for various reasons:

  1. It’s an easy way of organizing backups for different purposes, e.g. one account for live site
    backups and one for development site backups
  2. It’s a way of avoiding having to buy more storage with a particular provider if you’re running
    short on space (since you can simply upload to a second, third or even forth account instead)
  3. It adds an extra layer of security to your backups
  4. It gives you the flexibility to upload your backups to particular accounts, thanks to our special
    checkbox feature.

Whatever reason you choose, we know you’ll love this new feature which is (like many others) unique to UpdraftPlus.

Please keep sending in your suggestions for new features, and together, we’ll ensure that UpdraftPlus remains the world’s number 1 backup plugin.