A few days ago, our lead developer David Anderson announced that the latest update to UpdraftPlus Premium would allow users to backup to Backblaze B2, the “lowest cost high performance cloud storage in the world.”

On Monday morning, this latest version was released. This means that if you’re a customer of UpdraftPlus Premium, you can start using Backblaze B2 right now. (If you’re not and you want it too, you can either upgrade to Premium or purchase the option as a separate stand-alone add-on).

UpdraftPlus already backs up to more remote storage location than any other plugin- and we’re constantly looking to defend that achievement. We keep our eye out for the latest and best releases, allowing them to become proved and established before we dive in and support them. Backblaze B2 is superb- that’s the feedback we got from you, our customers, and we agree. Your requests pushed us to develop the code, based on the sample that our customer Viktor Nagornyy kindly sent us.

With Backblaze B2, you can store practically any amount and any kind of backed-up data securely and at low cost, safe in the knowledge that it will always be available for immediate download when
you need it. As David wrote last week, Backblaze B2 “supports everything that you’ve come to expect from remote storage options in UpdraftPlus: encrypted communications, resumable uploading and downloading that can survive low timeouts and pick up where it left off automatically, rescanning of remote storage, etc.”

So thank you for your feedback- we like hearing what you want so that we do our best to deliver!

Enjoy Backblaze B2.