How do I install UpdraftCentral?

On the sites that you wish to control (i.e. the controlled sites), you need to have an active copy of UpdraftPlus (the backup/restore plugin) installed. The rest of this FAQ is not about your collection of controlled sites – but about the one site that hosts your dashboard (which we call the “mothership”).

There are two ways to use UpdraftCentral: 1) the easiest option: via your dashboard at (i.e. on our site) or 2) via self-hosting (not via via installing the dashboard plugin on your own site. At the time of writing, the self-install plugin has not yet been released. These two options are described below.

1) Your dashboard hosted on

If you want to use UpdraftCentral via your dashboard on, then you just need to log in to – it is ready and waiting for you. (And optionally, purchase some more licences to add to your free allowance!).

2) Hosting your dashboard on your own WordPress site

If you are wanting to host UpdraftCentral’s dashboard on your own WordPress site, then read on; or watch the YouTube video:

You need to install and activate the plugin in the normal way, via the “Plugins” page in your WordPress dashboard. For the free version of UpdraftCentral, search for the plugin and install (its plugin page is here). For a paid self-hosted version, install via the “upload” facility in that page.

On all the sites that are to be controlled, you will need to install and activate UpdraftPlus, again via the “Plugins” page in your WordPress dashboard. Again, for the free version you should search in the directory using the search facility on that page – and for a paid version, install via the upload facility.

After installing and activating the plugin, you’re nearly done: you just need to set up a page to be used as your dashboard. Go to the “Pages” section in your WordPress dashboard, and add a new page. In this page, add this shortcode: [updraft_central] . Then, save the page. When you visit that page, it will show the UpdraftCentral dashboard.

If you wish non-admin users to be able to use UpdraftCentral (each user has their own list of sites – this won’t give them access to your list of sites), then use the require_role attribute, e.g. [updraft_central require_role="administrator,editor"]

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