I encrypted my database – how do I decrypt it?

If you have the encryption key (which you entered in your settings) and you are restoring from the settings interface, then it will automatically decrypt. i.e. If you’ve changed your encryption key setting in the mean-time since you backed up, then you should change it back.

If you have a file which you with to decrypt and download (without doing anything else with it), then you can use the drag-and-drop facility built into UpdraftPlus (versions 1.5.10 and upwards). Find it in the “Settings” tab; add your encryption phrase there, and save your settings:

Decrypt database

Otherwise, if you really like doing things by hand (or wish to decrypt from the command-line), then use the file example-decrypt.php found in the plugin directory; that will need very (very) minor PHP knowledge to use; find your local PHP guru, or buy support from our shop.

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