What are the terms and conditions for using UpdraftClone?

You must accept the following terms and conditions to use UpdraftClone.

UpdraftClone is intended for website owners to be able to easily create a quick clone of their WordPress website, for “internal” or development use. It is not intended for public website hosting or storage facility of any sort, or for any other purpose than the one given above, and use for any other purpose than this intended one is explicitly forbidden.

Furthermore, all hosting of any content either illegal or forbidden by any sort of statue (e.g. not just criminal law, but also copyright or intellectual property statues) or forbidden by us in any of your jurisdiction, the EU, the UK, the US, New York or any jurisdiction that you choose to host the clone in (should a regional hosting optional be made available) is also explicitly forbidden.

Content forbidden by us (for the purposes of the above paragraph) includes any content (whether video, audio, written or otherwise) that is pornographic, sexually explicit, in any way obscene or in any way abusive (regardless of whether or not those involved have given any form of consent to the material). If in doubt about you can and should ask us in advance for clearance. Failure to comply with this term means that you accept that any clones and your account may be deleted without further notice or refund. The sole exception to the above clause is for legally registered charities whose registered purposes include campaigning against sexual exploitation, and the clone is made as part of carrying on this purpose.

Furthermore, also explicitly forbidden is the running of any of the following: (i) trojans, (ii) key loggers, (iii) viruses, (iv) malware, (v) botnets, (vi) denial of service attacks, (vii) flood or mail bombs, (viii) logic bombs, or (ix) other actions which we reserve the sole right to determine to be malicious in intent.

You must, in all cases, agree that 1) you are entirely liable for all hosted content and that 2) we will comply with all due legal demands that arise in relation to your use of UpdraftClone, and 3) we have the full and sovereign right to immediately terminate any or all UpdraftClone services to you (with or without a refund, depending on the nature of the case).

If you have somehow gained access to somebody else’s website, then you are forbidden to clone it using UpdraftClone without the explicit permission of the owner of that website. Note that in many jurisdictions, this is also a crime.

You are also forbidden to access an UpdraftClone for which the owner has not given you explicit permission to do so. Note that in many jurisdictions, this is also a crime.

You explicitly agree that, with respect to data processing laws, you are solely responsible for any and all data processing carried out by your WordPress installation or any linked services. In legal terms, you are the sole data controller for any data in or handled by your WordPress install or any linked servies.

If your UpdraftClone is deleted as a live instance due to running out of credit on your account, it will be imaged (backed-up) and the data stored before automatic deletion of the image after at most 28 days. This is for recovery purposes only (e.g. protects in situations in which you ran out of credit, and you did not see any or act upon any notifications, and the UpdraftClone was automatically deleted whilst you still wanted it). During this period this data is not processed (only stored). After the retention period all data is removed and your UpdraftClone can no longer be recovered. You can request earlier deletion if you desire. N.B. This precautionary backup is not officially a part of the paid service (it is intended as an extra protection for users); if you desire absolute protection against losing your work then you are advised to use UpdraftPlus within WordPress to take your own backups.

Technical restrictions

You are forbidden to circumvent or seek to circumvent the mechanisms below, or use other means to achieve the same ends, or to circumvent any other technical restriction in place on a clone.

  • Your clone is set up to host one WordPress installation, on a URL of our choosing. It is not possible to host under your chosen domain, or add further sites.
  • Sending of any email via any mechanism whatsoever is forbidden. Since clones are short-lived, the IP addresses are quickly recycled, and we have to maintain the IP address reputation as part of our good relationship with the physical datacentre. Note that, to enforce this, UpdraftClone is locked down to forbid sending of outgoing mail via SMTP or via WP’s wp_mail() or PHP’s mail() functions. You can use a suitable logging plugin to see what mail WordPress would have sent (you may find one already installed by default).


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