What happens to my backups stored in UpdraftVault if I decided to cancel my UpdraftVault subscription?

Once your subscription period ends, your files will be deleted. Please save them to a different location before your subscription ends.

Note, you may have different subscriptions contributing to your UpdraftVault storage space. For example, you may have purchased storage on top of space given to you as part of an UpdraftPlus Premium purchase.

If you cancel one of those subscriptions, you’ll lose part of your storage space when that subscription period comes to an end. If you’re over your allowance at that time, UpdraftVault will delete backups until you’re back under your allowed storage limit.

UpdraftVault may delete backups that you don’t need, but it may delete backups that you do. It’s therefore safer to manually delete backups beforehand to ensure you keep your most important files.

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