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    Helas, when I unpacked the second file in this list (produced after the backup):
    empty folders
    with this name:,
    it prodcues the directory “uploads” and within a nice list of the subdirectories:


    But the important directories (2014, 2015, 2016 whoch shoud contain all the images, are empty..

    Here is the logfile

    Strange is that the directories cache and ithemes security, revslider and video do show all the files, including the images.

    Could the problem be in the kind of image file?
    The names of the images are like: dak-1-1024×768.jpg,
    Scrumsessie-1.jpg, 10-oktoberl-150×150.png

    I hope you can help me.


    Hi Karla,

    It sounds like your backup is probably split across multiple zip files. Each zip file contains the directory structure, so it’s normal to find empty directories. If you post a link to your backup log file, then this can be confirmed. The setting for when to split is in the ‘Expert’ section at the bottom of the ‘Settings tab in UD.



    Here is the latest log file; now I see some more zip-files; but, when unpacked the subdirectories still remain emty. Here is the log file

    In the expert settings I did not chnage the split archive settings. It is now 400 MB; should I change it? What else should I do here? Put some more marks? I only did that for: delete local backup.

    Dee Nutbourne

    Hi Karla,

    From the log, it appears that your server is having trouble processing the backup files at a 400MB split size. Please could you reduce this option to 100MB, and test the backup again?

    This will result in the Uploads backup being split into ~10 backup files.

    The log also shows that your server is a ‘LiteSpeed’ webserver. The following guide has some advice on configuring the site to improve performance on LiteSpeed servers:

    Best Wishes,
    David N

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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