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    What is the best way to export a WP single website from my WP network (complete with plugins etc)?

    Preferably I would like to do this w UpdraftPlus Premium that we have (w all the add-ons), but don’t know if it’s possible now or how it’s done. Could not find any documentation on it either.

    This is my situation
    I got a client that is leaving us for another web hotel and of course he want’s to bring his complete website with him. And I want to just deliver a UPD+ backup of it with all content, media, plugins, theme and all it’s settings into a single folder, that he can download and give to his new web hotel. They then just have to replace the work-urls with the real domains url and it should all work ok.

    I run a WP Network (multisite) and this is just one of the sites. I do not want take a full backup of the entire network and give to another web hotel, give them a superuser login and ask them to “just” restore the clients site (of course!). The clients new web hotel only have single installation of WP (not network) and it’s not in our assignment to set it up the site at the other web hotel.

    Is this possible to do in some way using WP UPD+ today? Or how would you recommend that I solve this?

    Would really appreciate a quick and helping answer to this today :)

    (BTW: This question has also been entered into UpDrafts ticket system today)


    Hi Peter,

    Unfortunately, extracting a single site from a multisite backup isn’t a current feature of UpdraftPlus. It’s one there has been some interest in, and we do want to look at in future. The best thing to do would be to register your interest here:

    Best wishes,


    Thank’s David for your info and your emails :)


    It’s possible to migrate a site from multisite to a single site install with a couple of extra steps…
    The concept of multisite has evolved some and is now a standard WordPress install that’s activated as a “network” install, so any core/plugin/theme files should be the same across your network.

    So! With that in mind, you could export your themes, mu-plugins and plugins and ship those out as-is, provided you only have the themes/plugins installed that are required.
    The WordPress core really shouldn’t be sent…because it’s WordPress. Instead, just have them start from a clean WordPress install, which I can almost guarantee will be easier. The interesting part of this is it will negate the need to change wp-config or htaccess from multisite back to single site. To be safe, deactivate all plugins and activate one of the default WordPress themes prior to trying any of this. You’ll also need to have a database and a clean WordPress install set up on the new site and have the database name and the site address. These need to match what’s in wp-config.php for the new site. This is not optional.

    If core, themes and plugins are taken care of, you’re really only missing uploads and the database. For uploads, you can download a backup of your uploads, then just extract out the folder in /sites named the number that relates to the site ID number you want. You can then zip up that single folder’s contents into its own file named

    The database is the only tricky part. The easiest way is to go into phpmyadmin. The tables you need to export are going to be prefixed with the site number of the site you want. Select only those tables. Here, the site has an ID of 5:

    • wp_5_commentmeta
    • wp_5_comments
    • wp_5_links
    • wp_5_options
    • wp_5_postmeta
    • wp_5_posts
    • wp_5_term_relationships
    • wp_5_term_taxonomy
    • wp_5_terms

    You’ll also need to include any special tables created by plugins/themes as well. The good news is those tables should also have the wp_5_ prefix. Note that I didn’t list _users or _usermeta, as I don’t find them helpful for a migration. It contains all users across your network and I’d rather just attribute all posts to a single (existing) user on the new site.
    Export example:
    PHPMyAdmin Export

    Once you have a .sql file, you can open it in any text editor that has search & replace.
    Search wp_5_ and replace it with wp_
    Search your original site address and replace it with the new address. Example: search and replace it with
    This address is usually only in the wp_options table, but plugin/theme tables can also have it.
    Save and re-zip the file, naming them with the new database name.

    You’ll send over,, and With these files and a clean WordPress install, they can either be unpacked and manually uploaded via FTP or restored as zip files using Updraft. The database should be imported last and can be imported using either Updraft or phpmyadmin’s import option.

    This isn’t nearly as complicated as it first appears. :)


    I also need to migrate one site from a multisite to a single site…
    Has anything changed in all this time?
    Can you give me simple instructions on how to do this please?

    Bryle Crodua


    I’m afraid UpdraftPlus cannot migrate a sub-site into a Multisite WP install.


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