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    Host – WPENGINE.
    Feature needed – in admin panel ANY folder/file exclusion with highest priority.
    Issue – WpEngine installs its very own plugins, wich are not needed for WP to functions, but for the hosting itself. These folders are being added to the backup, but cannot be restored, because of the folder rights issue. I tried to exclude these plugins inside Updraft admin panel, but it makes no difference. The only way is to add a STOP file to the each plugin directory, which unfortunately will be deleted by WpEngine’s script later or after those plugins are undated.
    The third option is to exclude Plugins entirely from backups, which, of course, is a bad option.

    Please, add an option to select folders/files to be ignored and excluded from a backup, regardless of whether Plugins are included in a backup or not.

    Thank you!


    Hi Daniel,

    This is possible not only with the .donotbackup file (which it sounds like you can’t use), but also by writing a filter; see here: – with one of those you can exclude anything at all from anywhere.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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