Migrate from MyISAM to Innodb

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    We use UpdraftPlus as it makes our life simple, but it just got complicated :)
    We have a WordPress website hosted on FastComet and the database is in MyISAM format.
    We are trying to migrate this website to a test environment in Microsoft Azure whos database is in InnoDB format.
    When we try to do a migration, the restore on the Azure environment fails as I’m guessing UpdraftPlus is unable to recognize the DB format differences.
    Is there any way to perform this migration without having to manually convert the database type?

    Bryle Crodua


    Please could you send us a copy of the backup log?
    This can be found in the UpdraftPlus Existing Backups tab.
    The contents will be too long to post here directly. Please use an online service such as Dropbox or Pastebin, and post the link here.



    Here is two log files.
    On is a back from the main website, but its not the one from the migration.. Unfortunately that log is gone.
    The second log is from the Restore on the site we are trying to migrate to.
    Our main hosting server only supports MyISAM and the Azure DB we are trying to test on only supports InnoDB.

    Dee Nutbourne


    It does appear that the restoration fails due to the difference in engine.

    I’m afraid that the solution to this is to manually edit the backup file.
    To do so:

    • Download the database backup
    • unpack the .gz file. You will be left with a file ending in ‘-db’
    • Open this in a text editor (such as Notepad++)
    • Find and replace any instance of ENGINE=MyISAM with ENGINE=InnoDB
    • Re-compress the file into a gzip archive (keeping the same name as the original)

    This should allow you to upload and restore the database backup.
    Please keep a copy of the original backup file when altering the backup.

    If you require assistance editing the file, please let is know.

    Best Wishes,



    Thanks for the reply. Yes, we will try this.
    It does seem that if we are doing a migrate, UpDraft should be able to detect the format of destination database and adjust accordingly, instead of just breaking the WordPress altogether.
    Maybe this can be added as a feature request for a future version.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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