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    I am searching for a solution for some topics, which might occur during unattended backups:

    We have got about 65 Websites, we want to backup unattended during night.
    We are using MainWP (and its Updraft-Plugin) to manage our backups.

    Updraft is really fine, but I am missing some important things for conditions, which might occur during nightly backups:

    Since Updraft is storing its backups locally first before sending thme to FTP and afterwards deleting them locally, problems with disk space might occur.

    – It would be nice, if Updraft would check these conditions first and *not* try to create the backup, if Filesystem runs out of diskspace.
    – If for some reason FTP-Backups fail, it would be nice to have an option to delete these incomplete or even complete backups to save diskspace.
    – It would be nice to have a better management in MainWP Plugins Backend to delete some Backups. Right now, it is only possible to delete ONE Backup local and remote at once. I am missing the option to mark more than one backup and delete some backups at once.
    – In MainWPs-Updraft Plugin it would be nice to have Sites in Backup-Groups, which I might backup on different days at different schedules. Right now, this could only be done by entering setting for each local site, which is not a real good solution for a central backup-system.

    Kind regards and thanks for reading.


    Hi Denis,

    Unfortunately, there is no standard way to be check hosting account space (which is the limit hit more often than disk space – UD does in fact check physical disk space and warn if it is low), or to calculate the compression ratio of the backup in advance, so this is more-or-less impossible to do for something that works generally across set-ups.

    Concerning the MainWP add-on, please note that we have neither authored, authorised, nor advised on this – this is purely a third party product, and so you need to address suggestions about it to its authors.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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