The next release of UpdraftPlus will have three improvements to the “Backup Now” dialog box:

  1. Options are now stated positively, instead of negatively: i.e. “Include the database in the backup” instead of “Do not include the database in the backup”. Human beings understand positive choices much more easily than negative ones, and this avoids the soon-gets-confusing double-negative of an un-ticked “do not” option.
  2. You can now, with the dialog box, over-ride your default selections of what entities to back up (i.e. plugins/themes/uploads/etc.). This means that if you just want a quick backup of your themes (e.g. before you make some changes to your theme files), you don’t have to edit your settings and save them, and then change them back after you’ve finished.
  3. For a long time, there’s been a tick-box that says “Don’t send your backup to remote storage”, which is helpful for a quick backup that you don’t need to store elsewhere. However, if you have no remote storage set up, then it still appeared – but did nothing (because you had no remote storage to send to anyway). That’s not great usability – it could potentially confuse someone into believing that they have remote storage set up, even when they don’t. So now, if you don’t have any set up, it tells you explicitly.

Backup Now dialog box

All part of our attempts to make UpdraftPlus as straightforward as possible to use, straight out of the box!

David Anderson (lead developer, UpdraftPlus)