UpdraftPlus Vault

UpdraftVault 250GB

From $125.00 / 3 months

About UpdraftVault

UpdraftVault storage is integrated into UpdraftPlus so you can connect and backup in just a couple of clicks.

1GB of UpdraftVault storage is included with every purchase of UpdraftPlus Premium but you can buy more here if you need it.

This product is for 250GB capacity (additional to any existing capacity you already have). Other capacity options are available.


UpdraftVault means you don’t have to depend on other remote storage systems. You won’t have to figure out how they work and then deal with setups, passwords, fiddly keys or accounting bother. Connect and back up in just a couple of clicks with UpdraftVault.


UpdraftVault is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3, a world-leading cloud that provides 99.999% reliability, redundancy and scalability.

Find answers to UpdraftVault FAQs here.

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