UpdraftCentral have released a brand new update: UpdraftCentral 0.8.5. This update comes with a great new feature and a couple of helpful tweaks.

As you may have seen in our recently blogs, UpdraftPlus have recently launched Incremental Backups. This was a big development in WordPress backups as it allows users to only update new changes that have occurred since the last backup, rather than starting a new full-site backup every time. This helps with the excessive resources which are used when performing a full site backup, which can also help users with low resource servers.

We have been working hard to make Incremental Backups even more user friendly, so the latest update of UpdraftCentral allows users to control all their Incremental Backups from one place using the UpdraftCentral dashboard, available with UpdraftPlus Premium. You’ll be pleased to hear that this new feature means no more switching back and forth between every single one of your sites every-time you want to schedule an Incremental Backup. 

The changelog is as follows. We recommend the update for all users:

  • FEATURE: Added the ability to take incremental backups
  • TWEAK: Updated bundled UDRPC library to version 1.4.17
  • TWEAK: Add more filters and docblocks to the licence manager class
  • TWEAK: Prevent a potential PHP notice when fetching cached site metadata