WordPress Remote Management Plugin Comparison

Don't just take our word for it - The facts speak for themselves

If you have a lot of WordPress websites to look after, the ability to manage them from one single dashboard can be a huge time saver.

But whatever you do, don’t compromise: we’ve created the ultimate solution, carefully designed to simplify multiple web management.

UpdraftCentral is incredibly intuitive, easy to set up, install and use. It lets you choose self-hosted or cloud-based, it’s crammed full of advanced tools and clever features- and because it’s integrated with UpdraftPlus – The World’s Most Trusted WordPress Backup Plugin -, you get other smart benefits thrown in.

In short, UpdraftCentral is the very best remote management plugin there is. But don’t just take our word for it: the table below compares our features with those of competing plugins (with information taken from the 2017 WordPress.org Plugin Directory).

As you can see, we really do stand out.

Features comparison



iThemes Sync



Average rating on WP.org

(Rating of UpdraftCentral and MainWP is for the dashboard plugin. Rating of InfiniteWP and ManageWP is for the child plugin.)


Backup and restore

Update theme

Update plugins

Update WordPress core

Easy install and setup

(based on the number of steps to take to setup the dashboard)

One click access

(WP Dashboard access without manual login)

Feature accessibility through Shortcuts

Simple and user-friendly Interface

(Non-cluttered and easy to understand)

Choice of self hosted or cloud

(Two versions available: self hosted plugin or cloud-based solution)

Backup to remote storage

(A full list of all remote storage locations is available below in this page)


Schedule backup


Options to hide unwanted modules/features

Re-order websites list

Advanced tools for server debugging/management

Automatic backup before updates

Price for 15 sites


Price for 35 sites


Price for unlimited sites


Remote storage options available



iThemes Sync



Backup to Amazon S3


Backup to Dropbox


Backup to Google Drive


Backup to FTP


Backup to Email


Backup to UpdraftVault

Backup to Rackspace Cloud


Backup to DreamObjects

Backup to Openstack Swift

Additional remote storage locations if UpdraftPlus Premium is installed on your websites

If UpdraftPlus Premium is installed on your your websites, you can also send your backups to the following remote storage locations: Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Backblaze B2, Google Cloud, SFTP.

send backups to One Drive remote storage
send your backups to Microsoft Azure
send your backups to Backblaze B2
send your backups to Google Cloud

Reviews of users who have downloaded and installed UpdraftCentral to manage their WordPress websites.


Absolutely brilliant!

By Hue Marketing

If you manage multiple sites, it’s a huge time saver. Anyone saying it’s quicker to log in to each site individually obviously hasn’t secured their sites with two factor authentication.

You CAN see the status and manage all site backups, you CAN manage updates and check the status of each site and a whole lot more.

I’ve used Updraft Plus for years and when Updraft Central was released, I started using it from day one. On a few personal sites to start, but after a few months I rolled it out across the board. And I’ve never looked back.

Not only does it work as advertised, it’s extremely stable and reliable.

Highly Recommended.



Great start!

By neilfs

Installs very easily. Intuitive to configure. Works really well. For something you have disclaimed as being new, just launched it puts many more established plugins to shame for quality and reliability.

Looking forward to its future updates.

I love it

By Web242

We’ve been using UpdraftPlus for a few years now. Then we decided to do WordPress updates and backups as a package for our clients. It goes without saying that UpdraftCentral is a fantastic solution for us to monitor and update all our client sites from one portal.

It’s easy to use, and just plain brilliant! Love it!

Pure dead brilliant

By mtarr

At last, something that allows me to load one page with one password, and get access to the dashboard on all my sites. A real time-saver + a simple means of enabling me to use really strong passwords. And that’s without the promise of simplifying multi-site updating and back-ups.

Thanks, guys!


UpdraftCentral Premium offers an even more efficient and secure way to manage all your WordPress websites from one place. 

If you want to save additional time and money, wa have the perfect solution for you: