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This add-on adds all three of SFTP, SCP and encrypted FTP (implicit and explicit) support for UpdraftPlus. This add-on allows backups to be stored on remote SFTP/SCP sites, and on remote FTP sites with encrypted transport. Use this add-on if you want your data to be encrypted in transit.

When this add-on is enabled, UpdraftPlus’s FTP engine will use encrypted connections wherever possible, and the SFTP/SCP remote storage options will also be made available. For SFTP/SCP, both password and key-based logins are available. See the screenshots on the left to see the setup options, or see this FAQ for more details about the encryption support.

Don’t worry if you never knew before that SFTP and FTPS were two different protocols, or the difference between explicit and implicit encryption, or the difference between SFTP and SCP – this add-on adds them all!

This add-on is also part of UpdraftPlus Premium. Go here to buy UpdraftPlus Premium and get this and every add-on with amazing discounts (including unlimited licenses). Or, buy licenses here for however many sites you wish to deploy upon.

Product Description

Available SFTP / SCP configuration options:

SFTP / SCP Settings

Available FTP configuration options:

Setting up encrypted FTP