The latest updates for UpdraftCentral (0.8.13) have now been released. This new release comes loaded with many new features, fixes and tweaks.

One of the new features in this update now allows you to upload your plugins and themes while they are still in their zip format. To do this, you first need to install UpdraftCentral Premium. Once this is installed, just press the ‘Plugins’ or ‘Themes’ menu item, then select ‘Install Plugins’ and you will now be able to drag and drop your zip file and upload it directly.

Another new feature in this update gives users even more control over remote storage options. Anytime you create a backup with UpdraftCentral, you can now select which of the remote storage locations you would like to send the backup to. Just open the following dialogue box in UpdraftCentral and you can select or deselect the remote storage options of your choice.

In addition to these new updates, we have also made various tweaks and fixes to keep UpdraftCentral running smooth and compatible with future WordPress and PHP releases.

  • FEATURE: Added the ability to choose the remote storage locations you want to send your backup to in the “Backup Now” modal
  • FIX: Fix scheduled commands execution through WP cron
  • FIX: Fix can’t delete backup item without refreshing the list after a successful restore process
  • FIX: Fix layout/css glitch on the backup settings page
  • FIX: Fix popper.js related error and warning
  • TWEAK: Improve UX and accessibility with better keyboard navigation
  • TWEAK: Register updates retrieval to run in the background
  • TWEAK: Add editor class for page and post modules
  • TWEAK: Add new error message to the rpcerrors collection
  • TWEAK: Show upload errors in dialog as well as in browser console if debug level is set
  • TWEAK: Improve JavaScript’s compatibility with minification and merging, in particular WP-Optimize
  • TWEAK: Add REST controller files for page and post modules
  • TWEAK: Add internal capability to install plugin or theme through zip file
  • TWEAK: Upgrade Bootstrap and Bootbox libraries to current versions
  • TWEAK: Force the connection method ‘via_mothership’ if the command is in the UpdraftClone namespace