UpdraftPlus vs. BackupWordPress backup plugin comparison

Disasters happen so backups are essential.  Fortunately in WordPress backup plugins can do the backup for you regularly and automatically.

But not all backup plugins are created equal.  Make sure you get one that:

1. Backs up to remote cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.  Many backup plugins backup to the same server as the website which is a bad idea as this doesn’t protect against server-wide risks.

2. Restores automatically it’s all very well having an automatic backup, but if you don’t have automatic restore then you’ll face hard manual work when you need to restore your precious backup quickly!

UpdraftPlus can do all this for free as we think these features should be standard. See below for comparison.

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Active Installs
Automatic restore
Backup to Dropbox
Backup to Rackspace
Backup to Googledrive
Backup to S3
SFTP/FTP backup
Migration clone ability
Direct site-to-site migration or cloning
Automatic backups before updating site
Ability to backup encrypted databases
Network/Multisite supported
Backup directly to proprietory cloud service
Backup to OneDrive
Backup to Microsoft Azure
Backup to Google Cloud
Backup to BackBlaze
Run From WP-CL
Restore a backup from other plugins
Backup non-WordPress files and databases on your site
Lock settings access
No ads
Premium personal support

UpdraftPlus is the most trusted WordPress backup plugin in the world, so if you want maximum security for your website – You’ve come to the right place: